ShadersMod v2.4.11 Installer for Minecraft 1.8

Release Note
— It can work with OptiFine_1.8.0_HD_U_D1. (install OptiFine before ShadersMod)
— Forge/FML can load it from mods folder but it still has some graphics glitch.
—- It is normal that ShadersMod does not appear in Forge/FML mod list.

Recent Change
— Fixed entity shadows not rendered when used with Forge
— Fixed shadow framebuffer error on OSX

Known issues
— Mobs do not flash red when hit. Creepers do not flash when they are about to explode.
— Vanilla lighting are not completely eliminated when “old lighting” option is off.
— Poor performance chunk clipping
— Crash while toggling normal map or specular map

How to install (without Forge)

1. Before running ShadersMod installer:
1.1 Use minecraft Launcher. Run Minecraft 1.8 at least once and close it.
—- If you have only other versions installed, click “New Profile” or “Edit Profile” and select “Use version” “release 1.8”, save, then selected the new/edited profile and click play.
1.2 Install ASM 5.0.3 in minecraft libraries.
—- If you have installed Forge for Minecraft 1.8, it should have already installed ASM, so skip this step.
—- Use this ASM v5.0.3 Installer for Minecraft
1.3 Close Minecraft Launcher before you run ShadersMod installer.

2. Run ShadersMod installer
2A. In Windows Explorer, double-click ShadersMod-v2.4.11mc1.8.jar
2B. Alternatively, you may run java from command line or batch file.
—- This is the command to use “java -jar ShadersMod-v2.4.11mc1.8.jar”
—- You may have to use full path to java.exe if it is not in your PATH environment.

3. After you run installer successfully:
3.1 Open Minecraft Launcher. Select Profile 1.8-ShadersMod and click Play.
3.2 Open Option screen. There should be Shaders button. Click it to open Shaders screen.

How to install (with Forge)

1. Open mods folder in your minecraft game directory.
2. Copy ShadersMod-v2.4.11mc1.8.jar to mods folder or mods/1.8 subfolder.

You also need shaderpack for use with this mod.
— Download and copy shaderpack zip file to shaderpacks folder in game directory.
—- There is a button in Shaders screen to open shaderpacks folder.
— You can select shaderpack in Shaders screen.

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