Sonic Ethers unbelievable Shaders – SEUS

Sonic Ethers unbelievable Shaders or SEUS is the most popular and known shaderpack for Minecraft. SEUS is a complete graphic overhaul of Minecraft, it enhances nearly every aspect in a much better way. If you want clearer water, realistic clouds and lightnings or mysterious nights, then this shaderpack is the right choice for you.

Sonic Ethers unbelievable shaders

Latest Features

  • Tweak Shader Options to adjust SEUS v11.0 based on your hardware!
  • Variable Penumbra Soft Shadows
  • Proper rendering of transparent objects
  • Proper light absorption through stained glass
  • Stained glass colored shadows
  • New volumetric clouds
  • New water rendering
  • Water caustics
  • Crepuscular rays (volumetric light rays)
  • Improved GI
  • Vastly improved shadow and GI render distance
  • Automatic exposure adjustment based on average brightness
  • New tonemapping operator
  • More natural/realistic lighting values
  • Atmospheric scattering
  • New BRDF for diffuse and specular lighting
  • Spider/Enderman eyes no longer look glitched
  • Lots of other improvements!


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