Continuum shaders

The continuum shaders are a large modification of Cody Darr’s SEUS and because of that, you will see some similarities to the Original shaderpack.
This shaderpack requires the Shaders mod, which you can download: Shaders Mod

Continuum’s shaderpack guarantees realistic clouds, a gradient of color and light across the sky and realistic shadows that move along with the sun – lightning effects are superb.

Continuum shaders


  • Global Illumination – The bouncing and scattering of light from the world
  • Volumetric Clouds – Fully procedural 3D clouds
  • PCSS Soft Shadows – High Quality variable soft shadows
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping – 3D rendering on blocks
  • Physically Based Rendering – High quality lighting and reflections
  • Phisically Correct Water Caustics – High quality light refraction based off wave height
  • Volumetric Light – 3D light shafts
  • Extended Shadow Distance – Fully infinate shadows
  • Varying Weather System – Fully dynamic weather that changes day to day


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